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Compact SLS – avtodom s spremenljivim bivalnim prostorom
CompanyAdria Mobil, d.o.o.
AuthorsAnton Kastrevc, Uroš Dvornik, Matjaž Krajnčič, Miroslav Bobnar, Ivan Šegina, mag. Matjaž Grm, Mateja Kastrevc

ID 3461 / Compact SLS – A New Compact Camper with its own slide out technology

Adria Mobil has developed their first camper with the “slide-out” of the rear wall. The advantage of such a solution – the living space remains unaltered and functional throughout the journey. The wall is slid out only when the user desires to use it for rest and is thus able to change a lightweight, compact camper into a spacious one.

Compact SLS campers belong to a group of small vehicles designed for dynamic users and are also suitable for driving in city centres.

Revolucionarni izpuh iz titana za motocikle
CompanyAkrapovič, d. d.
AuthorsIgor Akrapovič, Tadej Zadel, Tomaž Ilovar, Marko Besal, Dragomir Stanković, Tjaša Makovec, Cveto Zupančič, Luka Sadar, Aleš Borin, dr. Boštjan Veber

ID 3471 / Akrapovič Titanium (r)evolutionary Exhaust

Akrapovič has taken its dynamic, existing (r)evolutionary hexagonal exhaust and enhanced it to a new titanium version. The unique muffler is the lastest compelling upgrade, constructed from high-grade titanium and exquisitely finished with a handcrafted carbon-fibre heatshield and end-cap.

The use of titanium together with carbon composite components has considerably reduced the overall weight of the product by 25,9%.

Brezkislinsko čiščenje toplo in hladno valjanih pločevin
CompanySIJ Acroni d.o.o.
AuthorsJanez Katnik, Bojan Finc

ID 3451 / Acid-Free Pickling of Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Strips

Non-Acidic cleaning is a new innovative technology for cleaning metal strips. The combination of a sandblasting machine and position of sandblasting turbines, with the selection of the abrasive material and brushing technology make this line unique.

The new process is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, as this new technology does not use chemical substances.

Multifunkcijsko zglobno delovno vozilo Bijol Marmot BWS 160
CompanyBijol d.o.o.
AuthorsAndrej Tisnikar, Klemen Žvikart, Aleš Avbelj, Drago Oder

ID 3481 / Special forestry skider BIJOL BWS160

The company developed a highly powerful and safe forestry machine, which can be also used in urban areas.The skider enables continuously variable drive that allows speeds from zero to 30 km/h without changing of the gaer and stopping. This is not attainable in any other forestry skidder marketed.

Manipulator BOSIO MAN14/8
CompanyBosio d.o.o
AuthorsHugo Bosio, Urban Pevnik, Mihael Kaiser, Jernej Erjavec

ID 3491 / Manipulator BOSIO MAN14/8

Bosio developed a fully automatic line supporting rapid quenching through efficient manipulation of the load/charge between the furnaces and quenching tanks, resulting in high production capacities of products.

The manipulator is used to store and unload cartridges in furnaces for heat treatment in the shortest possible time.

Kompaktni kuhinjski aparat MultiTalent 3
CompanyBSH Hišni aparati d.o.o. Nazarje.
AuthorsJurij Pešec, Darko Rudež, Bogdan Kreča, Matej Berzelak, Dejan Gosar, David Potočnik, Boštjan Kovačec, Jože Skončnik Marko Lenošek, Bojan Potočnik, Aleš Kreslin, Tadej Holcinger, Peter Leskovšek, Adam Koštomaj, Mirko Jurak, Tomo Iršič

ID 3501 / Food processor MultiTalent 3

The new compact and versatile kitchen assistant with more than 50 functions makes cooking and baking easier. Its special features are a 800 watt motor, 2.3l transparent plastic mixing bowl which holds up to 500g flour and ingredients; a chopper for fast and precise processing of herbs, nuts, onions or garlic, and grinder for processing hard ingredients such as coffee beans, hard cheese, grains, spices or ice cubes.

The space saving SmartStorage design offers standard accessory storage directly in the bowl with integrated cable storage.

Popolnoma avtomatski kavni aparat EQ.9
CompanyBSH Hišni aparati d.o.o. Nazarje
AuthorsMatjaž Filo, Igor Žibret, Matjaž Uršej, Peter Miklavc, Evgen Kozelj, Klemen Britovšek, Klemen Lončarič, Tadej Jeraj, Aleš Kreslin, Jan Ažman

ID 3511 / Fully automatic coffee machine EQ.9

The fully automatic metal housed coffee machine combined with a highgloss black surface has a large color display.

The main innovation is the appliance management system ensuring intuitive use, offering more advanced (barista) mode settings for advanced users.
Chosen beverage settings are stored in user profiles and can be recalled at any time. The appliance is amongst the quietest on the market.

EC motor z možnostjo integrirane elektronike za moči do 1KW
CompanyDomel d.o.o. in Nela razvojni center d.o.o.
AuthorsMitja Grohar, Dejan Flander, Matej Tadina, Jure Pfajfar

ID 3521 / EC motor with option of integrated electronics for power up to 1 kW

In recent years, EC motors and drives have gone through intensive development. Environmentally friendly product trends are being implemented with high efficiency, reduced material consumption and large control options. Despite fierce competition, the company has developed a universal EC engine with optionally integrated electronics or special clamping method, which can be used in various applications (ventilation, fan technology, white goods, other applications).

Ogradni smetarnik StyleOUT – nadzemni sistem za hrambo posod za odpadke
CompanyDukin, razvoj ekološke opreme d.o.o.
AuthorsMiha Horvat, dr. Matej Rajh

ID 3531 / Waste enclosure system StyleOUT – aboveground system for waste bins

Waste enclosure system StyleOut makes unsightly garbage bins the garnish of each courtyard.

StyleOUT is a visually attractive above-ground system for the storage of waste receptacles. Their competitive advantage is: modularity, which allows adaptation to customer needs in the form of a plantable roof, excellent adaptability of the waste receptacle to uneven surfaces, improved weather resistance, flexibility and simple change of intended usefrom the basic structure to bicycle shed, woodshed, rooms for summer kitchen, etc.

Kombinirano zaščitno stikalo KZS – EDI
CompanyETI d.d. in Nela RC d.o.o
AuthorsAleš Pograjc, Tadej Drnovšek

ID 3541 / Residual current operated circuit breaker with overcurrent protection KZS-EDI

There are many solutions for monitoring and performance analysis of individual branches of electrical installations.

In collaboration with resarch centers and foreign experts, the company developed a solution for capturing information on the status of the contacts and electrical measurements. The solution displays the status or type of error that has occurred in the electrical installation.

Razvoj nove sintezne poti in novih kristaliničnih oblik makrolidnega antibiotika
CompanyFarma GRS, d. o. o.
Authorsdr. Jure Bezenšek, dr. Ana Bergant Simončič, dr. Rok Zupet, dr. Bojan Burja, dr. Alen Kljajić, dr. Anica Pečavar, Sabina Trošt, Tadej Dolenc, dr. Miha Plevnik

ID 3551 / New synthesis path and crystalline forms of a modern macrolide API for treating respiratory infections in veterinary medicine

A few independent routes to synthesise complex macrolide molecules are already known. The authors have cut the synthesis by at least two synthesis stages in comparison to competititors. The innovative solution enables the synthesis of the final active ingredient in just three steps. The innovative solution enables cost-effective and environmentally far sounder production while ensuring adequate, relevant and comparable product quality.

Pralni stroj Panasonic AutoCare
CompanyGorenje d.d. Velenje
Authorsmag. Boštjan Sovič, Robi Pogorevc, Jakob Koželjnik Lovro Krajnc, Matjaž Kuhar, Marko Pečnik, Niko Dren, Zlatko Novak, Uroš Koren, Urh Sredenšek, Uroš Trupej, Sandi Vitanc, Rok Lah, Duško Skarlovnik, Klemen Horvat, Takayuki Ishihara, Masahiro Itami, Akira Shoji, Go Ito, Arata Takahashi, Tomotaka Yagi

ID 3561 / Panasonic AutoCare washing machine

The global household appliances market is changing dramatically. Competition among companies is is based on price, product and service quality, creativity, innovation and functionality. Due to these factors, Gorenje and Panasonic have decided for the joint development of new washing machines with 8 kg and 10 kg load, automatic washing programs. Steam applied during washing helps reduce wrinkles in fabric and effectively removes allergens. The new Panasonic washing machines bear an energy rating of A+++ and are exceptionally quiet even during operation.

Hidria AETERNUS – Metalna čepna svečka II. Generacije
CompanyHidria AET Družba za proizvodnjo vžignih sistemov in elektronike d.o.o.
AuthorsTomaž Mrak, Dušan Kuštrin, Andrej Kragelj Gregor Kuštrin, Mitja Čebokli, Peter Tonkli, Stojana Vesković

ID 3571 / Hidria AETERNUS - 2nd generation low-voltage metallic glow plug

The solution represents a new quality leap in European diesel start technology industry. The numerous innovations designed in the product including the all-new laser welding solution extend the glow plug's life span by more than 20% and optimize the start phase of the diesel engine by reducing not just CO2 but also NOx (contributing to particulate matter emissions, making the modern diesel car cleaner.
The company has already signed a contract to sell the new solution to one of Europe's largest vehicle manufacturer.

Varilni stroj za ultrazvočno varjenje kromirane okrasne letve za model Porsche Panamera
CompanyHidria TC Tehnološki center d.o.o.
AuthorsIgor Majer, Boštjan Grižonič, Alfio Krivičič, Darko Kocjančič (Hidria TC), David Uranjek, Borut Srčnik, Damjan Školnik, Aljoša Zorko (Novem Car Interior Design Žalec d.o.o.)

ID 3581 / The welding machine for ultrasonic welding of chrome decorative side panels strips for the model Porsche Panamera

The company developed a unique welding device, which allows ultrasonic welding of chrome decorative side panels to be installed in the new model series Panamera, a prestigious German brand Porsche. The solution enables the production of exclusive and quality pieces, big savings in time, material and energy, and is much friendlier to the workers.

FREEHAND – naprava za uporabo v minimalno invazivni kirurgiji – laparoskopiji
CompanyHyb, d.o o., in IN.Medica, d.o.o.
AuthorsAlojz Simončič, dr. Jeremy Russell, Tadej Zarabec, David Špiler in drugi

ID 3591 / The FreeHand System

Together with its partners RC In.Medica d.o.o. and OR Productivity plc, Hyb d.o.o. has developed an innovative medical device for application in laparoscopic minimal invasive surgery procedures.
The innovation is a electromotive arm, which shows a very stable image during surgery - is a crucial parameter for success. The freehand device is very easy to use and to install to the operating table, it allows enough space for the surgeon, performing the operation. Freehand solves the shortcomings of similar devices on the market, promising a very large sales potential.

Mulčer BOXER
CompanyINO Brežice d.o.o.
AuthorsTone Vogrin, Branko Kos

ID 3601 / Flail mower BOXER

The advantage of the BOXER flail mower is a rigid construction, designed for intensive use and crushing material (branches up to 5 cm in diameter), and results in less load on bearings and tractor components. The crushing rotor requires less tractor power, thereby consuming less energy and operating more quietly.
The BOXER flail mower can be used on all smaller urban green and agriculture areas (parks, golf grounds, vineyards, orchardsother areas.

Linija za sestavo in kontrolo zglavnikov, komolčnikov in stranic Volvo V54x
CompanyJohnson Controls Slovenj Gradec d.o.o.
AuthorsIgor Krenker, Andrej Ledinek, Jure Ravnjak , Marjan Bricman, Ivan Novak

ID 3611 / Assembly and control line for headrests, center consoles and side padding for the Volvo V54x vehicles

The innovation consists of three main machines to manufucture and verify quality reqirements of head rests, center consoles and side padding built into the Volvo V60/XC60 vehicle. The machines were produced by applying standard automisation units combined with software to compose production lines by integrating an innovative approach and inhouse knowhow. Additional staff was employed during the project and after its finalistaion, resulting in 40 new employees.

Implementacija okolju prijaznega in ekonomičnega plazemskega procesa naprševanja funkcionalnih prevlek v proizvodnjo komponent za elektro in avtomobilsko industrijo
CompanyKolektor Group d.o.o.
Authorsdr. Nataša Kovačević

ID 3621 / Implementation of environmentally friendly and economical plasma functional-coating spraying process in production of components for electro and automotive industry

The company developed a process for cleaning and deposition of metallic coatings using open-air plasma technology to improve surface characteristics or add components and semi-finished products surface properties. Unlike conventional wet chemical processes, the new technology does not use water and chemicals, making the method more economical and and less detrimental to the environment.
In comparison with traditional plasma processes, which require vacuum, the new technology provides cleaning and deposition of functional coatings under atmospheric pressure. The process is a robot controlled by millimeter precision.

Ležajno ohišje K25L z lepljenimi obrabnimi ploščicami
CompanyKovis d.o.o.
AuthorsDavid Deržič, Jure Colarič

ID 3631 / Axle box K25L with adhered wear plates

The innovation is a geometrically improved and thus 15% lighter bearing housing for railway vehicles, which can be produced by the company in a shorter production timeframe. The mounting of wear plates has also been upgraded with new technologies of material joining (bonding). The reduced weight of the product reduces energy requirements, needed for the for freight transport, it also saves on maintenance costs, giving the product a competitive advantage over others. Despite its new, improved characteristics, the product retains its original strength.

Lumenova CCL06 - LED svetilka z reflektorsko optiko za javno razsvetljavo z življenjsko dobo do 100.000 ur in garancijo 20 let
CompanyKreativni aluminij d.o.o. in VIP Virant d.o.o.
AuthorsRobert Virant, Rajko Habjanič, Matjaž Bukšek, Krešimir Gorišek

ID 3641 / Lumenova CCL06 - LED lamp for street

The innovative lighting module LE06 is a patented, hermetically sealed module with reflector optics and filled with is an inert gas Argon. The gas prevents the formation of condensate and the resulting oxidation of vital parts, electronics. The module is modular in design, making the process of assembly and disassembly faster. The addition of extra modules provides a higher light intensity of the lamps. The module is able to self-regulate and balance itself, so the heat does not destroy the LEDs. The module can be upgraded further with an additional intelligent communication system that allows traffic counting, determination of CO2 presence in the atmosphere as well as automatic control, reducing power consumption.

Razvoj zdravilne učinkovine in njena uporaba v formulacijah s podaljšanim sproščanjem za zdravljenje shizofrenije in bipolarne motnje
CompanyKrka, d.d., Novo mesto
Authorsmag. Irena Bobnar, dr. Polona Bukovec, Andrej Gartner, Iztok Klobčar, dr. Simon Kukec, dr. Roman Lenaršič, Gregor Ritlop, mag. Janika Slanc Vovk, dr. Elena Smirnova, dr. Jernej Zadnik

ID 3651 / API development and use in prolonged-release formulations for treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

This innovation is aimed at the development of a generic API in the form of prolonged-released tablets for treating patients suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Prolonged-release dosage forms involve the development of very complex pharmaceutical products that help achieve appropriate release kinetics, reduced adverse effects linked to plasma concentration fluctuations and, improvement of patient compliance as well asmore effective and safer treatment.

Multiplan večstransko skobeljno-profilirni stroj, opremljen z orodjem Ledinek Tool Manager
CompanyLedinek Engineering, d.o.o.
AuthorsGregor Ledinek, Janez Robnik, Dušan Lačen

ID 3661 / MULTIPLAN all-side planer and moulder - equipped with LEDINEK Tool Manager

A high-capacity production line for longitudinal processing of products produced from solid wood, plastic, MDF and similar materials, is intended for integration into production plants in the high-performance industrial facilities. It enables precise planing, profiling and cutting, with easy and quick transition between different settings and tools, enabling unprecedented flexibility in this manufacture process.

The company has laso developed a special software LEDINEK Tool Manager, an integral part of the machine. The software ensures the retention of the tool parameters, which are transferred to and stored in the main program.

Učinkovita in okolju prijazna tvorba vezi ogljik-ogljik in njena uporaba v sintezi sitagliptina – učinkovine za zdravljenje sladkorne bolezni tipa 2
CompanyLEK farmacevtska družba d.d. Razvojni center Slovenija
AuthorsLek farmacevtska družba d.d.: Izr. prof. dr. Zdenko Časar, dr. Gaj Stavber, Fakulteta za farmacijo, Univerza v Ljubljani: doc. dr. Matej Sova, dr. Rok Frlan, prof. dr. Stanislav Gobec

ID 3671 / Efficient and sustainable carbon-carbon cross coupling and its use in the synthesis of sitagliptin – type 2 diabetes mellitus drug

The company has developed a new method for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds. The solution introduces the use of "green" catalytic processes to the company. In addition, Lek’s independent synthesis of generic active ingredients enables the users (patients) in Slovenia access to high-quality product (medicines, sitagliptin) at a significantly lower price.

Uporaba novega visoko učinkovitega postopka proizvodnje zdravila Omeprazol
CompanyLEK farmacevtska družba d.d. Razvojni center Slovenija
AuthorsRok Starič, Petra Perhavec, Jernej Grmaš, dr. Jerneja Opara, dr. Mateja Novak Štagoj, Klara Megušar, Dušan Gašperlin, Franci Sopotnik

ID 3681 / Introduction of novel approach for highly efficient production of Omeprazol

The company developed a new process of manufacturing the drug omeprazol. The main advantages of the new process are an extremely reduced manufacturing time, elimination of the use of acetone, reduction in ethanol quanitities needed as well as, water and energy. As result, high-quality, safe, effective and affordable medicines will be entering the market.

Metoda in premiks s termostabilnim vitaminom C za proizvodnjo antistresne krmne mešanice za kokoši nesnice
CompanyLek Veterina d.o.o.
Authorsprof.dr. Abdulah Gagič, Branko Kamenšak, Mateja Ratiznojnik, Dejan Vrabelj, doc.dr. Irena Petrinič, doc.dr. Vesna Weingerl, Elizabeta Škrget, Karmen Jerič, Anton Sovinšek

ID 3691 / Method and premix with thermo stable vitamin C for the production of anti-stress feed for laying hens

The company developed a method and formula for animal feed with an anti-stress effect. The feed is sold in an interactive packaging. The feed with thermostable vitamin C has a protective effect, it strenghtens the immune system of the animal and contributes significantly to the mitigation of negative effects of stress in animals (poor appetite, poor feed utilization, poor growth, increased mortality of animals, hatching eggs with thin shell).

Opeka iz morskega sedimenta
CompanyLuka Koper d.d.
Authorsmag. Franka Cepak

ID 3701 / Bricks made from marine sediment

Luka Koper must continuously deepen the ports’ seabed. As a result large amounts of marine sediment occur with lack of disposal facilities in the vicinity. The company analysed the material and verified the suitability of the marine sedimenas a component in bricks. The innovative solution has confirmed the suitability of the materialfor manufactering bricks (in Goriske opekarne). Luka Koper will use the bricks for the construction of a new facility on is business location.

Leseno pasivno okno iz termično modificirane smrekovine - Natura Optimo XLT
CompanyM Sora d.d.

ID 3711 / Timber window Nature Optimo XLT

The company developed a window, made entirely from special spruce of Slovenian origin. The window’s structure and properties have been modified in a patented process of thermal modification. The process is a result of cooperation in its development between M Sora and the Biotechnical Faculty. The new window has excellent thermal properties.It is significantly more durable and dimensionally stable than conventional windows made from spruce. The appearance of the window gives a sense of tropical wood.

Heavy duty elektomagnetno stikalo za zaganjalnike s kontrolirano silo pri vklopu
CompanyMahle Letrika d.o.o.
Authorsdr. Boštjan Bremec, Tadej Florjančič, Dejan Manfreda, Tomaž Bratuš, Sebastjan Kobal

ID 3721 / Heavy duty solenoind for starter motors with controlled pull force

The invention is centered on the method for control and optimization of the starter activation. The introduction of start-stop starter system in commercial vehicles and machinery requires new enhancements for increased reliability and the service life of the starter. The innovative solution increases the reliability of the starter. It significantly reduces the number of failures and the number of damages to the starter.

Izocentrične smuči
CompanyMeltum d.o.o.
AuthorsAndrej Grabar

ID 3731 / Isocentric skiis

The innovation "Isocentric Skis" represents a completely new, and innovative ski concept developed for a new skiing experience.
The new design and structure of the skiis enable easier control, more agile and faster skiing than skis currently commercially available. Patented isocentric skiis are the result of 7-year's development and testing inspired by the tradition of Slovenian ski building rooted in Bloke region.

Kovanje in toplotna obdelava »Izločevalno utrjevalnih nerjavnih jekel« večjih dimenzij
CompanyMetal Ravne d.o.o
AuthorsBlaž Šuler, Vlado Perovnik, Borut Urnaut, mag. Miran Kadiš, Domen Kosi, mag. Alojz Rozman

ID 3741 / Forging and heat treatment "Precipitation hardening stainless steels" of larger dimensions

In 2015 the company invested in a new VOD plant for the production of steel with low carbon and high chromium content. The authors of this innovation developed an entirely new technology of forging and heat treatment for the "precipitation hardening stainless steels". The procedure resulted in the reduction of product price, which enabled the company to enter new market segments.

Izkoriščanje odvečne toplote metalurških procesov za namene daljinskega ogrevanja in priprave sanitarne tople vode na Ravnah na Koroškem
CompanyPetrol energetika d.o.o. in Metal Ravne d.o.o.
AuthorsKristijan Plesnik, Samo Lečnik, Mitja Živič, Miran Fužir

ID 3751 / The exploitation of waste heat of metallurgical processes for the purposes of district and domestic hot water heating at Ravne na Koroškem

This comprehensive energy solution is an innovative example of the transition into a circular economy within the energy sector. The use of modern technology and innovative system solutions enables Petrol energetika to exploit waste heat resulting from processes of processing metals.
The design and execution of the exploitation of waste heat from metallurgical processes for the purposes of district heating and domestic hot water at Ravne in Carinthia represents a target-oriented cooperation of economic partners, local communities and apublic research institution to create anew business models, focusing on the end users.

Nova generacija eksplozijsko odpornih bankomatnih blagajn
CompanyPrimat, d.d.
AuthorsTomaž Planinšič, Damjan Ribič, Boštjan Ferk, Zvonko Kolar, Aleš Čehič, Vesna Gobec

ID 3761 / New generation of explosion resistant ATM safes

The design and manufacture of explosion-resistant ATM safes is of paramount importance for the company. New solutions were implemented in order to achieve the reduction of production costs and to increase the product’s added value.

The new ATM safes meet all customers' requirements. Innovative solutions, which were developed within the project explosion-resistant ATM safes, will be further applied to other product groups.

Zračno sušeči prozorni lak za avtoličarska popravila brez trdilca v baznem laku
CompanySilco d.o.o.
Authorsdr. Matjaž Ravnjak, mag. Sašo Kronovšek

ID 3771 / Air dry clear coat for car refinishing without hardener in the basecoat

Silco is the first company in Europe, which developed a transparent varnish (Maxx Air CureTM) for repairing car bodies, which dries in the air and does not require an additive hardener or activator in the base paint. This new high-quality paint offers an enormous advantage compared to other paints on the market, as it enables shortening of the lacquer process and energy savings (estimated savings of whole process are 28%).

Puzzle – Povezovanje doživetij!
CompanySteklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.
AuthorsGrega Likar

ID 3781 / Puzzle – Connecting experiences

The puzzle is a 3D stackable glass product, made out of pure Steklarna Hrastnik glas. It is a product intertwining aesthetic with practical value of the product, as it allows many options for stacking and enables the users to form their own creations and experimentations. The innovation excels in usability features of modular serving, the bowls can be stacked and adjusted in all directions horizontaly and vertically.

Tanke rezalke PROFESSIONAL
CompanySwatyComet d.o.o.
AuthorsValentina Prapotnik, Franja Juhart, Milena Krajnik, Marija Kotnik , Valerija Napotnik

ID 3791 / Thin cutting-off wheels „PROFESSIONAL” for Stainless steel & Steel

The new group of thin cutting wheels Professional replaces the previous standard line. Advantages, compared to the standard line, are: excellent cutting ability, a faster cut, excellent durability, up to 20% more cuts, material and price. Production costs have not increased, despite the rise in the cutting properties in relation to the standard product line. Last but not least the line brings the further expansion of the assortment (formerly steel, stainless steel, now also steel + stainless steel).

Namenski profesionalni mulčer za špargljeve nasade MPS 150
CompanyTehnos d.o.o.
AuthorsAnton Kisovar, Zvone Romih

ID 3801 / New, unique asparagus fern cutter with special design concept MPS 150

The asparagus flail mower MPS 150 profi is a completely new product produced in Slovenia with a unique construction design. Its main advantages are patented a flail layoutenabling their, smoother operation (less vibration). A new arrangement of counter knives are adapted for optimal cutting according to the hight and the quantity of the organic matter.

Its specific solutions satisfy the needs of professional asparagus growers.

Razvoj tankostenskega usmerjevalnika olja z implementacijo mehanskega oblikovnega spoja za povečanje trajno dinamične trdnosti
CompanyTPV, d. o. o.
AuthorsStane Nemanič, Miran Podpečan, Jurij Švegelj

ID 3811 / Thin walled oil deflector with increased infinite fatigue strength

The company TPV applied an innovative approach to solve the puzzle of the joint at the essential element of the 12-cylinder car engine, exposed to extremely high dynamic fatigue and high thermal loads. Implementation of a cold mechanical joint without additional material enabled lightweight design of the oil deflector. The possibility of using thin walled sheets, resulted in joint selection,with significant weight reduction (by 27%).

Evropski prostovoljci (EVS) za višjo kakovost življenja v VDC Zagorje ob Savi
CompanyVarstveno delovni center Zagorje ob Savi
AuthorsDomen Pociecha, Robert Lazar

ID 3821 / European Voluntary Service (EVS) for a higher quality of life in VDC Zagorje ob Savi

This innovation was implemented in the VDC’s business model. The quality of life of 130 disabled users given care by the VDC Zagorje ob Savi depends not only on work activities but also life-long learning, obtaining new knowledges, experiences and meeting new people. VDC enables these wishes with the help of the European Voluntary Service (EVS): aquainting the residents withnew cultures, famous sights, languages, traditions and organization of the social system in Europe.

Slovenska potica - Slovenian potica (Slovenske dobrote)
CompanySastela d.o.o. in Engrotuš d.o.o.
AuthorsTanja Šalamon

ID 3841 / Slovenian potica (Slovenske dobrote)

The new marketing approach to the traditional Slovenian sweets. Cake "Slovenske dobrote" is as truelly traditional Slovenian dessert, which can be purchased in a ceramic baking dish with the characteristic hole in the middle and a wrinkled edge, which gives potica its typical form.
Potica it is made from all natural ingredients, without artificial additives and filled with a walnut filling; baked and frozen.
The final baking at home gives the cake its special crunchy sensation.

Talilni vložki za fotovoltaične sisteme
CompanyETI d.d. in RC eNeM d.o.o., Podružnica Keramični materiali in varovalke
AuthorsBrane Lebar, Viktor Martinčič, Anton Rome, Urban Kos

ID 3851 / Fuse links for photovoltaic systems »NHXL 1500V d.c. gPV«

Fuses protect electrical cables in the event of exceeded current. Their secondary function is also to protect photovoltaic cells in cases of overcurrent. NV gPV fuse-links are very important safety components, directly affecting the security of the entire PV system (fire protection). Quality fuse links operate at higher voltages, enabling a 15% increase in efficiency and lower cabling cost , having a significant impact (30% lower cost) on investment in PV power plants.

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