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CompanyA&M PROJEKT,didaktični material, Alenka Stare s.p.

ID 1981 / JUMPIN ON 100

The first teaching method that includes an integral approach of adopting the 100 square in a concrete way. Children learn about the 100 square step by step, while building their idea on numbers of up to 100. The first step is to learn how to read and search numbers in the 100 square correctly and fast. They learn to compare numbers with each other in size and to adopt the numerical series. In the second step, children use specific material to set numbers by using ones. At the same time they develop numerical ideas, learn what ten is, and understand the size ratio between one and ten. They use the acquired knowledge and set numbers by tens and ones. They use specific material to learn how to add and subtract numbers of up to 100, first without passing tens and then with passing them. In this context they display passage through tens on a specific level, which is essential for understanding of both mathematical operations. In the last step, they learn how to correctly write numbers with words with the material included.

CompanyA&M PROJEKT, didaktični material, Alenka Stare s.p.


The AC method combines various innovative approaches of learning and teaching, enabling all children to learn in an easier, simpler and more efficient way the basic reading, writing and computation skills. By doing so, they improve their effectiveness and success in school. The AC method is based on the principle of learning without pen and paper. We offer children only some suitable material and teach them how to handle it. Children use material independently, being creative and active, which enhances their memory and speeds up their learning. This approach helps us encourage the natural development of children, as well as support and develop their potential. The method is appropriate for all children and is proven to give good results. All products are target-oriented. They help us practice and strengthen a specific skill. When using products according to the AC method, children are constantly actively involved in the learning process, discovering new knowledge and thereby developing.

Aktivni baterijski nadzorni sistem REC
CompanyREC d.o.o.
AuthorsREC d.o.o.

ID 2151 / REC Active Battery Management System

Advanced lithium batteries which are substituting the traditional 12 V lead batteries offer more charging cycles, have better energy and power density and can deliver up to six times more energy for the same price in comparison to lead batteries.
The 12 V lithium battery pack is comprised of four series of connected cells. Additional electronics is required to protect each cell against overcharging, undercharging, over-heating, etc. The REC d.o.o. company has developed a high-tech solution for substituting the 12 V lead batteries with lithium cells – REC Active BMS. In addition to all the necessary protections, REC Active BMS is the first of its kind in the market with active cell charge balancing. Energy from cells with the highest charge level is transferred to cells with the lowest charge level in a very efficient way (no energy dissipation). REC Active BMS can be connected to a PC or an LCD touch display. A battery pack with our technology lasts longer, is more efficient and informs the user about its current state.



Subglider is a sports prop that makes underwater swimming, turning and performing of various acrobatics possible with the help of a boat. The underwater use makes this innovative product even more attractive. Before Subglider, underwater swimming, turning and performing of various acrobatics was not possible! Everyone can use Subglider, which is fun even for veterans of underwater sports. Since Subglider is used under the water, you have to be able to hold your breath and balance ear pressure. Subglider is made out of two symmetrical wing-shaped panels connected by means of a swivel joint. This allows the panels to rotate around the axis, and thereby the user to make turns under the water. By varying the inclination of the two panels we influence our movement and direction, and thus make sure that we get to the surface for a fresh supply of air to continuoue underwater movement.

More about Subglider:

Kamp rezervacijski sistem
CompanyPediman Sabina Gornik s.p.
AuthorsMarko Gornik

ID 2191 / Camp Management System

An application that allows us to plan where to overnight by showing us for a selected camp the parcels that are available.
It allows us to see the real-time occupancy of a camp, and to use an online form to inquire about a parcel.
We can also view real-time images of the partcels.
A mobile application for customers, an online camp plan or even navigation for smart devices – all these functions will facilitate our decision for a camp.
In a time when life without the internet seems impossible, an application that we can use even while driving towards our holiday destination seems an excellent idea.
Camping and caravaning are increasingly more popular.
Use: for camps, B&Bs, etc.
Camps, smaller or larger (only in Europe there are some 25 thousand), need new products and channels to attract new customers and retain old ones, which is exactly what this application offers. The product, which is a novelty in the market, can be adjusted to suit each camp.

100noga poštevanka
CompanyMARUSSIG d.o.o.
AuthorsMatjaž Marussig

ID 2221 / 100noga multiplication table

Learning the multiplication table with a centiped. A multiplication table which grows with the child and engages his hands and mind. It enourages thinking about natural numbers, and connects them with nature. The multiplication table is developed for all children, but primary for children with learning disabilities. It was developed based on own experience with overcoming dyslexia. The adapted colours improve the child’s understanding and memorising. The product is composed of the minimum number of parts possible, and is suitable for carrying in a school bag.

CompanyKorona plus d.o.o., Inštitut za inovativnost in tehnologijo
AuthorsPia Alina Likar in prof. dr. Borut Likar, MBA

ID 2231 / MemoMaths

The game is the result of creativity of a 7-year old girl. It derives from a problem which the girl intuitively sensed among her schoolmates when learning mathematics. She came up with a combination of the well-known game Memory together with the game of addition and subtraction. A game for learning multiplication and EU countries/capitals has also been developed. The response of students, parents and teachers is very positive, as the game strengthens the more complex thinking processes as well as the social component of cooperation.

CompanyDušan Caf, Matija Vršič, Gregor Širovnik, Vesna Srnko mag.
AuthorsDušan Caf, Matija Vršič, Gregor Širovnik, mag. Vesna Srnko

ID 2311 / Zinox

ZINOX is an experimental rechargeable zinc battery (1.55 V and 2.30 V custom-design battery) which is still in the development stage. Zinox battery has a cost of production and a composition comparable to alkaline batteries, with chemical elements (basically no additional catalyst) such as: a MnO/C cathode, a Zn anode and an ionic liquids electrolyte. The rechargeable zinc battery Zinox has a very stable charging system, as even after 400 charging/discharging cycles no drop in capacity can be observed. Zinox experimental battery currently has an energy density of 28 Wh/kg, which can be improved to above 100W h/kg. Zinox batteries are ideal for a variety of UPS systems or a Zinox energywall (similar to the Tesla Powerwall), as they are a cost-effective and powerful solution.
Private youtube link (Zinox test cell 1):

Kompaktni motor za E - kolo
CompanyDomel Holding d.d.
AuthorsBoris Benedičič, Blaž Bratina, Filip Starič, Aleš Eržen, Petra Lotrič

ID 2321 / Compact E-bike motor

We have developed a hub motor for E-bike. The motor is very compact and is completely hidden between bike gears and brake disc of modern bikes. The motor is a direct drive without any gears, which sets us apart from the competition – at this size, they normally use gear motors. Despite being a compact direct drive, the motor has a very high efficiency. Its small size was achieved with a special lamination design and an innovative assembly method. The result is an exceptional fill factor, and the best performance per size ratio. Due to these facts, our motor is a unique product in a fast-growing field of E-bikes.

Razvoj visokoogljičnega jekla X120Mn12 po postopku kontinuirnega litja
CompanyAcroni d.o.o. in Razvojni center Jesenice,d.o.o.
Authorsdr.Matevž Fazarinc,dr.Boštjan Bradaškja,mag.Anton Košir,mag.Boštjan Pirnar,dr.Jure Bernetič,mag.Viktorija Marušič, Matjaž Marčetič,mag.Milan Klinar

ID 2331 / Development of continuous cast X120Mn12 high carbon manganese steel

A new process for the continuous casting of mangalloy was developed. The extremely broad solidification interval prevented this alloy to be cast on a continuous caster. With a lot of ingenuity and process know-how, we managed it. This process facilitates a far better yield from the input raw materials, i.e. between 80 % and 85 % as opposed to 50 % and 55 % using the standard method (ingot casting).

Pametna razsvetljava
CompanyBoštjan Šuhel
AuthorsBoštjan Šuhel

ID 2411 / Smart light

Manage smart LED elements using smart phones. This is the implementation of two leading technologies, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266, on a new generation of smart diodes that are connected serially and can be programmed through a single wire. Each LED can be fully controlled both in terms of intensity and colour, for which we need only one data line, which passes from diode to diode.

potniške stopnice Freeway2438Pe
CompanyTIPS d.o.o.
Authorsnosilec inovacije je Silvo Šneberger s sodelavcema Robertom Pustavrhom in Marjanom Smoletom

ID 2491 / passenger stairs Freeway 2438 Pe

From TIPS comes a newly-designed passenger stair model, the Freeway 2438 Pe. TIPS has been working hard at lowering the carbon footprint of its GSE, and that of the new model is almost zero.
Thanks to its electric auxiliary drive and the option for solar panels, these steps are fully stand-alone and exhaust-free. The onboard charger enables charging without the need of any special modification to an airport infrastructure, and battery removal is child's play.
For easier and safer docking, TIPS offers the driver's position, which is on the platform. The better overview ensures greater safety levels and contributes to confidence and precision. An operations panel on the equipment allows the operator to select the relevant aircraft type before deploying the stairs and deployment of the stairs and deployment of the steps is essentially a one-man operation.

Dinamični vakuumski solarni sistem
AuthorsAnton Berčon, Jože Kastelic, Andrej Berčon, Podlogar Srečko

ID 2501 / Dynamic vacuum solar system

The basic element of our dynamic vacuum solar system (DVSS) is the solar collector (SC). Flat vacuum collectors have a significantly better efficiency than flat solar collectors when it comes to greater differences between the ambient temperature and the temperature of the absorber. It can be used at working temperatures of up to 160 °C. The advantage over the vacuum tube collector is a large absorption surface compared to the overall surface of the collector. The entire surface of the collector is 4.294 m², while the absorber surface is 4,027m².
The largest advantage over all other solar systems is the regulation of thermal insulation, which ensures that the system never overheats.
The system has been in operation for two years. The results of the heat generated can be tracked on our website:
During this period, we have acquired half of the energy needed for space heating and domestic hot water heating using our DVSS.

Chariyo - platforma za financiranje dobrodelnih projektov
CompanyChariyo d.o.o.
AuthorsChariyo d.o.o.

ID 2621 / Chariyo - a crowd-action platform for charities and causes

Chariyo is a crowd-action platform for charities and causes that enables individuals to raise funds without spending a cent. How? Companies spend billions of euros for advertising while causes and charities lack the funds to help people in need. Chariyo creates a unique connection between causes, advertisers and individual supporters of a cause. It is a win-win for everyone.

Urbana oprema Moment
AuthorsDomen Gregorič, Jan Ravbra, Grega Logar

ID 2641 / Urban Furniture Moment

MOMENT consists of benches, poles, lighting, bicycle racks and planters. These are not only well designed, but are also technologically superior. In addition to the clean and simple lines, they are equipped with energy components. We can charge mobile phones, use WiFi or illuminate the surrounding. With built-in lights and a touch system, the user can easily modify light intensity and colour. Lighting systems are connected in an interactive network which allow us to control the light in an independent or in a synchronised manner.

MOVEO - prvo interaktivno igrišče v naravi
AuthorsEkipa MOVEO

ID 2651 / MOVEO - First interactive outdoor playground

MOVEO presents the first interactive outdoor playground, and with this a simple and innovative approach using children's enthusiasm for the virtual world in favour of their outdoor activities! MOVEO merges the virtual world with the activities in nature and gets your children excited about a nice Sunday stroll and motivates them to play with their peers in the playground, thereby giving them a healthy option for developing their motor skills and releasing happiness hormones.
MOVEO develops interactive playgrounds which are composed of smart sensors that connect to your smart phone and serve as a platform for a video game in the nature. In our mobile game, a kind character motivates children to play, shows them exercises to be done for getting the rewards, and leads them through a virtual maze. The interactive environment and the possibility to dress up the personalised buddy make children love our game time over time!

On My Disk
CompanyBineon razvoj in storitve d.o.o.
AuthorsAlexey Volkov, Natalia Volkova, Ivan Kozinov, Alexander Vasilyev

ID 2661 / On My Disk

A web gateway for your local disk as an instant data sharing service.
An efficient and safe solution specifically designed for sharing large or sensitive files – private photos and raw videos, documents, source codes, etc. Just select a folder, click Connect, and here it is on the Web. You can share your files by links, stream videos and view photos online directly from your disk.

Robotsko plovilo za zaznavanje in kontrolo cianobakterij
CompanyArhel d.o.o.

ID 2671 / Robotic vessel for detection and control of cyanobacteria

The over pollution of water can result in excessive growth of cyanobacteria also known as blue-green algae. When episodes of their excessive growth end with harmful effects like fish death or human and animal poisoning with water, they are referred as harmful cyanobacterial blooms. This points the need to find solutions for the early detection and prevention of their excessive growth and therefore preventing the release of cyanobacterial toxins. The robotic vessel has installed equipment for online measurement of water quality parameters with emphasis on detection and differentiation of algae and cyanobacteria. Data on the increased presence of cyanobacteria in the water activates a mechanism installed on the vessel, which inhibits their further proliferation. With the technological innovation, we can obtain much faster a comprehensive information on the state of the water body and perform localised inhibition of the growth of cyanobacteria, without adding chemicals or sediment forming substances.

CompanyNina Rajterič
AuthorsMihael Rajterič

ID 2701 / Massage device with a usb charger, especially suitable for the carpal tunnel syndrome

Clickywood is a wooden ergonomic massage device, especially designed to use while working with the computer, i.e. its mouse and keyboard. Vibrating, the device stimulates blood circulation with no need to interrupt the work. This is especially important when you have a short deadline to finish your work. In such circumstances, we often forget about our healthy way of life. Later on, we might feel wrist pain and develop the carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the most common ways of treatment of this condition is surgical, followed by a one-month post-surgery care.

Uplinjevalni kotel Valher UPX-P
CompanyProizvodnja ogrevalne tehnike na biomaso
AuthorsValher d.o.o.

ID 2761 / Valher UPX-P Gasification Boiler

Modern steel gasification boilers UPX-P with twin stoves on wood and biomass pellets. A winning combination of gasification boilers and pellet boilers. They use the most advanced combustion control technology to regulate the primary and secondary combustion air and modulate the main fan. This way of boiler management with innovative solutions for the second (pyrolysis) combustion chamber helps achieve extremely low emissions and high efficiency. The product is distinguished by its large loading aperture, automated cleaning of turbulators, completely separate regulation of primary air, secondary air and intake fan, hyper cool loading door, as well as easy access to all electrical and electronic components. UPX-P represents the cutting-edge solution from the Valher house, which will burn for you with high efficiency both wood logs and pellets.

Leseno okno ReWin
CompanyM SORA d.d.
AuthorsM SORA d.d.

ID 2781 / Timber window ReWin

TTimber windows in most cases end up at landfills after the end of their lifetime. If materials of these windows are not used for new products or processed, there is a negative impact on the environment. In addition to this, it is important to know that wood in the disposed windows is still healthy, of good quality and suitable for further use. M SORA d.d. has developed a prototype of a timber window ReWin made of disposed timber windows which were even 50 years old. Window scantlings, from which the ReWin window is made, are produced of spruce and larch wood. ReWin window is a unique example of a product that was developed by recycling the disposed timber windows that would otherwise end up at landfill, and represents a completely fresh idea and innovation in the field of builders’ joinery.

Okolju prijaznejši leseni železniški pragovi
CompanyUniverza v Ljubljani, Biotehniška fakulteta / Bureau veritas / Silvaprodukt d.o.o.
Authorsprof. dr. Miha Humar, doc. dr. Boštjan Lesar, dr. Nejc Thaler, Nace Kregar, Stojan Košmerl, Dušan Radoš

ID 2821 / Environmentally friendly railway slippers

Railway sleepers are one of the oldest products of impregnated wood. So far, they have been impregnated with the environmentally-controversial creosote oil, which will be banned in the near future. Therefore we are looking for alternative solutions to protect wooden sleepers. Wooden sleepers have a number of advantages over concrete ones (lower carbon footprint, easier maintenance, less vibration, less noise, ...). They are made of beech wood, which is one of the most important EU species, and is under-utilised. The developed protection process ensures sleepers’ long life using local raw materials and the existing technology. The product is interesting both for the domestic market as well as for the whole EU where restrictions will be implemented as regards the use of creosote. The developed product has been tested for several years on a field appartaining to the Deptaprtment of Wood Science and Technology. Till now, the protected sleepers have successfully undergone the lengthy testing within a very demanding microenvironment.


ID 2871 / Reflective marker of mountain trails

The subject of innovation are reflective markers for marking mountain or hiking trails, which are made of durable, advanced materials (polymers) emitting luminescent-fluorescence and reflective light. The product increases safety of walkers and, because of its durability, reduces the cost of marking maintenance.

MemoŠOLA, vseslovenska mreža šol, ki jih povezujejo miselni športi
CompanyEIC Univerzum Minerva Maribor
Authorsmag. Peter COKAN in mag. Vanja JUS

ID 2881 / MemorySCHOOL, Slovenian network of thinking schools

MemoŠOLA® is an innovative activity of networking of Slovenian primary and secondary schools and universities which want to activate their students in the field of mind sports, learning to learn and learning fast by connecting and understanding, as well as competitions in this area. At the international level, we are connected with the World Mind Sports Organization and the Memory XL Organisation.
The innovative project MemoŠOLA® connects schools and universities which are interested in mind sports. They join the network and activate their mind athletes so that they become active in mind sports and start attending the mind championship called memoriada. In Slovenia and elsewhere we are the only organisation that connects schools eager to implement mind sports in their extra-curricular activities. Schools and universities which join the project receive new skills and approaches as regards memorising and learning techniques.

Homogenizator s snemljivo komoro
CompanyDomel Holding d.d.
AuthorsMatija Pintar, Polde Benedik, Marjan Prevc, Boštjan Demšar

ID 2901 / Homogeniser with removable chamber

The high-performance blender is used for microbiological sample preparation. The main feature differentiating it from competitive products is at the same time its biggest advantage. The removable door, pedals and drawer make the blender a unique instrument. The integrated waste drawer is another unique feature besides low noise, product stability and easy operation. There are some other features hidden to the user’s eyes. They are all related to excellent performance and high-quality samples.

EASEBelt - pripomoček za ergonomsko sedenje
CompanyPisnik Srečko
AuthorsSrečko Pisnik

ID 2951 / EASEBelt

EASEBelt® is an ergonomic sitting accessory whose purpose is to support and relieve the burden from the spine during various everyday activities.
It can be used alone or attached to the backrest of various seats.
Its strong elastic strap transfers the body weight force to the backrest of the seat, forcing the spine to assume an optimum posture in which it is able to efficiently absorb the effects of the static/dynamic gravity of the environment on the body, thus protecting and unburdening your spine.

Biogranulat iz konoplje
CompanyZadruga Konopko, z.o.o., soc. pod.
AuthorsAlenka Zapušek, Tadej Smrdel, David Geršak

ID 2971 / Hemp biogranulate/bioplastics

Hemp biogranulate is an eco-friendly, fully-degradable material made from hemp fibres and lactic acid polymer (known as PLA). Both hemp and PLA are simple biodegradable and recyclable materials, replacing non-degradable synthetic materials which are polluting our environment and are known to be agents of various modern day diseases.
Hemp granulate, produced from a renewable resource, can easily replace other thermoplastic resins which are now in common use – such as polypropylene or polystyrene resins (produced from fossil fuels). HEMP FIBERS ARE MORE DURABLE, LIGHTER AND STRONGER. In comparison with glass fibres, hemp fibres require 10 times less energy for production and resin can be attached to hemp using less chemicals. Products from hemp fibres can be USED/REUSED SEVERAL TIMES AND/OR BE COMPOSTED AT THE END OF THEIR LIFETIME.
Identified customers are manufacturers of technical products with extruding or injection moulding technology.

intouch, ostani v stiku
CompanySašo Poljanšek, Tine Uršič, Matic Vihtelič, Rok Laznik
AuthorsPoljanšek Sašo, Uršič Tine, Vihtelič Matic, Laznik Rok in Miranda Urh

ID 2981 / Cell phone solution for seniors

Have you ever thought just how difficult the use of mobile telephones is for the 75+ senior generation? We have developed a mobile telephone upgrade in the form of a special mobile application which enables just two screens on the mobile telephone, call and accept. We have added a special keyboard, pasted on the screen, which gives the feeling of actually pressing the key, a more efficient headphone and a handle which enables seniors to access the mobile telephone easier. Our product adapts smartphones to the needs of seniors, so that they can in a much easier manner make and accept telephone calls without other inconvenient functionalities of the menus, settings, etc. We have applied the new technology of smartphones to help senior users who suffer from dementia, are perhaps weak-sighted or have problems with tactile perception, etc. Current smartphones with additional extras form a true senior smartphone and can represent a serious competition for the old non-smart telephone.

InTemp, popolnoma integrirano gretje v smučarskem čevlju.
AuthorsBoštjan Lukančič

ID 2991 / InTemp integrated heating system

The new integrated heating system, which is completely flexible and has two different temperature modes, will keep your feet warm at all times, but never overheated. There are two innovations. The first is the 4Dry material, which keeps your feet dry and well ventilated, and the second is the InTemp heating system, which heats your feet at just the right temperature.



Deckchair is powered by solar energy. Servo motors allow the setting of the head, back and legs. It is equipped with connectors for charging your phone, computer, radio and similar. It also has a suspensory table and an additional parasol.
It is made of stainless steel material, with a comfortable reclining leather cushion. The total weight of the chair is 29 kg.
It can be easily moved around on its two wheels, both when extended and when fully stowed.
If used indoors, it can be connected to the electrical network (230 V).

Motor EC z možnostjo integrirane elektronike za moči do 1KW
CompanyRazvojni center Nela Podružnica Otoki , Domel d.o.o.
AuthorsRC NELA Podružnica Otoki ter Domel Holding d.d.

ID 3011 / EC Motor with the possibility of an integrated controller for power up to 1 kW

In the last few years, we can observe an intensive development of EC motors and drives, which have become a trend. This is because of their high efficiency, smaller weight and material consumption and wide control possibilities. Many variants of EC drives appeared in the market with this trend, so we checked the related freedom to operate of the existing versions and consequently developed our own solution. The aim of the project was a motor part of the drive which should be as universal as possible, so that it could be used in many different applications, with an integrated controller added on demand. In this context, a completely new and unique procedure of rotor (rotor magnets) overmoulding was developed. This innovation is, together with the integrated overmoulding of the stator, connector and endshield, a business secret in the Domel production technology. - pametni zalivalnik rastlin
CompanyTehnološke rešitve, Andrej Nastran s.p.
AuthorsAndrej Nastran

ID 3021 / - smart plant watering device – the smart plant watering device is a sheer novelty in the field of plant watering. Its small dimensions and advanced technology enable users to water plants in enclosed spaces, on window sills, balconies, gardens and anywhere else. Watering is automatic and adjusts to plant needs, providing optimal growth conditions. is sun- and moisture-proof and entirely independent of the electric power grid and water supply network. Due to the perfection of the device and its low electricity consumption, its batteries will last up to two years. Water can be supplied from containers of different sizes chosen according to the plant’s needs and user’s absence. The device is user-friendly and simple to use. By inserting the moisture sensor into the soil, the user automatically turns the device on. During operation, the device with its multicoloured LED informs the user about moisture level and watering stage.

Izocentrične smuči Meltum
CompanyMeltum d.o.o.
AuthorsAndrej Grabar

ID 3101 / Meltum isocentric skis

The innovation Meltum Isocentric Skis represents a completely new, innovative and revolutionary ski concept developed for a new experience of skiing. Meltum Isocentric Skis are more responsive, more agile, easier to control and faster than the existing solutions. Their geometry decreases the forces on the skier’s body, thus reducing the chance of injuries and allowing a new, healthy and unique skiing experience. The core of innovation is the establishment of an isocentre – a changing centre of the turn dependent on the position of the skier’s gravity centre, ski loading and geometry of the terrain. Isocentre enables a natural and relaxed body movement. Skis’ inherent high natural frequency results in an excellent responsiveness and enables high-precision skiing. The applied force adjusts the skis’ oscillating frequency allowing the skier to accurately control his movement. Skis are the result of over 5-year development and testing inspired by the tradition of Slovenian ski building rooted in the Bloke region.

Zlati nanodelci- orodje prihodnosti
CompanyZlatarna Celje d.d., Rebeka Rudolf in soavtorji
Authorsdoc.dr. Rebeka Rudolf, Peter Majerič univ.dipl.inž., dr. Sergej Tomić, prof.dr. Miodrag Čolić

ID 3111 / Gold nanoparticles - the tool of the future

Gold nanoparticles are biologically non-reactive and have very good optical and chemical properties for biomedical applications. The basic raw material gold has corrosion resistance and excellent biocompatibility, which makes it particularly suitable for the manufacture of nanoparticles. Gold nanoparticles can be conjugated with peptides, drugs and other molecules on the surface, thus producing surprising effects. They can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, bacterial infections, Alzheimer's and other diseases. This now represents the so-called experimental, high-quality, accurate and non-invasive methods for the diagnosis and treatment. However, before these tools are available in medicine, it will be necessary to research in detail their biocompatibility, and draft standards and health and safety legislation to ensure safe use for the benefit of patients. Some of this will be presented.

Pametno poljedelstvo
CompanyAirlabs, Aleš Pavlin s.p.
AuthorsAleš Pavlin

ID 3131 / Smart agriculture

Airlabs has developed a special technology for plant stress recognition from the air. Plant stress is detected before an experienced eye from a farmer or a plant specialist can determine it. With this technology, farmers can save enormous amounts of pest spray, water, fertilizers and consequently money. This happens due to the local application of pests, fertilizers, water, etc. Consequently, farming becomes more environmentally friendly with healthier food and soil.

CompanyJenisej LAKOTA
AuthorsJenisej LAKOTA


SKICLICK is an innovative gadget that helps us ski safer.
Skiing slopes are often full and skiers who often come too close to each other, especially because they are unaware of other skiers around them. Because of this, they easily make such turns that make them come too close to other skiers on the slope who in turn cannot inform them of their presence. Most often such close encounters ends with two skiers coming too close, but sometimes also with a collision and injuries.
SKICLICK is best used when the faster skier is catching up with another skier in front of him. At this point, the faster skier triggers SKICLICK, which emits a very recognisable sound that the slower skier can hear. The slower skier then determines how far that sound is and where it is coming from. Then he knows which direction he should not turn to avoid the faster skier behind. In this way, he avoids coming too close to the faster skier and diminishes the chance of collision and/or injuries.
SKICLICK is effective, durable, simple, maintenance-free, distinctive and cheap.

API za analizo gibanja
CompanyInstitut "Jožef Stefan", Odsek za inteligentne sisteme
AuthorsBožidara Cvetković, Vito Janko, Mitja Luštrek

ID 3161 / API for movement analysis

Health is an increasingly popular topic of smartphone applications. One of the most important things a person can do for his/her health is physical activity, which is why physical activity is often at the centre of health applications. The activity of the phone user also helps understand the user's context, which can be exploited by other applications (e.g., to select the best time to offer him/her a service). Therefore we developed a method which can use the movement of the phone and – optionally – other wearable devices to accurately recognise the user's activity and estimate its intensity, which can be expressed in calories. The method it available to mobile developers through an application programming interface (API), and can also work as a web service.

Flex LED module
AuthorsRoman Heuffel, Luigi Marras

ID 3211 / Flex LED module

The innovation relates to the development of multi-layered flexible circuits, which are used as part of the final product for various industrial fields. The majority of circuit boards in the market is printed circuit boards.
Our innovation relates to a mechanically machined circuit from laminated materials in combination with metal. Mechanically machined circuits from laminated materials are replacing printed circuit boards and allow a wider application, as well as offer improved technical characteristics of the finished product. The circuit can be used in different areas (in electrical engineering, communication devices, car industry, ect.)

CompanyBoxmark Leather d.o.o., Kreativni Aluminij d.o.o.
AuthorsSabina Zerezghi, Albert Korošec, Simona Cafuta, Davorin Herga, Kristjan Tomaš


The XTREME Outdoor Lounger presents a new, sleek approach to aluminium-framed upholstered outdoor furniture. The extraordinary leather is extremely resilient and uniquely crafted for outdoor use. XTREME leather boasts all-round protection, from the surface through the entire width to the back of the material. Furthermore, this protection is durable. Similar leathers in the market only have surface protection, which is non-durable.
Leather itself resists salt water, chlorine, suntan lotions and oils, mildew and insect repellents, but also provides antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiflame properties in accordance with hospitality industry standards.

The XTREME Outdoor aluminium frames have been engineered for all outdoor conditions: three times lighter than any steel, anti-rust and corrosion properties, heat resistant and recycle-friendly.

AlpStories - personalizirana naravna kozmetika
CompanyVastok, d.o.o
AuthorsDanijel Hubman

ID 3231 / AlpStories - personalised natural cosmetics

100 % natural cosmetics made for your skin only and manufactured by a robot.
With an innovative approach to creating a personalised product we adjust to each customer’s needs or enable customers to create their own product themselves.
The web portal invites customers to create a personalised product and design a lable before a robot mixes up the product.
The skin care industry has witnessed a shift from passive consumers to younger and more active consumers. These have a completely different understanding of and view on how they want to use and buy cosmetics. Young girls, for example, want to be IN, they develop their personal BRAND, they want to become trend-setters, they want their 5 minutes of fame.
With this in mind, we want to give customers the best tools and guidelines for creating a personalised product which fits their needs 100 %. In the backstage, we take care of the legal registration of the new product on the CPNP portal in accordance with the EU law.

BSS-1 Sistem za generiranje zvoka s sinhronizacijo možganskih valov
CompanyDruštvo za eksperimentalno umetniške sisteme Matrix 441
AuthorsSimon Šerc

ID 3271 / BSS-1 Brainwave Sound Sytem

The application for mobile phones (IOS / Android): EEG headset registers brain waves (Alpha, Delta, Theta, Beta, Gamma) during sleep and sends real-time data via Bluetooth interface to the application on the phone. The application dynamically generates and simulates the sounds of nature that are timed with the slow wave oscillations of the sleeping person, based on the current condition and frequency of brain waves.

Ročno kvačkana zibelka iz lokalno pridelanih ekoloških materialov
CompanyAnita Česnik Mažgon
AuthorsAnita Česnik Mažgon

ID 3291 / Handmade crochet cradle from local eco materials

I made the first such cradle for my son. Excited at how attractive and useful it was, I offered it on Etsy where I have already sold a couple.

The cradle is handmade from eco cotton and pristine Slovenian wood. It is suitable for babies of up to 6 months, who are still used to a small, constantly moving chamber (their mother's womb). Being soft and small, the cradle makes babies feel safe. Moreover, as soon as they awake, they can swing themselves to sleep again. The headrest can be raised to comfort a colicky baby.

The cradle is distinguished for its design, and is also washable, portable and changeable into a swing when overgrown. I made mine from my grandmother’s sheets and thus added emotional value. Customers will be able to order a personalised cradle with sheets made from their family heritage and bearing their family monogram, as well as several add-ons, which will increase the value added and usefulness.

The cradle is intended for metropolitan upper middle class mothers who want but the best for their babies and themselves, and are prepared to pay more for good quality.

AuthorsMatjaž Loc

ID 3301 / Lucky3in1

Lucky3in1 is the first wooden combination of a balance bike, trike and push scooter in one bike. The product solves the problem of toy accumulation, storage space, costs and long-term use. The beautiful toy is therefore a flexible combination of the most popular children's bikes, and will accompany them throughout their childhood. While maintaining the balance and handling the bike, children learn the basic movements which will allow them to ride a bike in the future. The toy is wrapped in an amazing single package for children aged from 18 months to 4 years.

Aktivirano biooglje
CompanyOgraček d.o.o.
AuthorsTanja Bagar, Lara Resman

ID 3401 / Activated biochar

Our innovation is a product called activated biochar. Char is made from wood using an environmentally-friendly technology (pyrolysis), and activated with natural substances. In the process of pyrolysis, wood is carbonized and receives its unique structure – pores. In these pores we bind nutrients from compost, beneficial microorganisms and minerals from rock powder. Activated biochar is a soil improver, as it raises the pH of acidic soils, increases water holding capacity, increases the number of beneficial microorganisms, enhances the humus balance and decreases the need for fertilisation. But it is not beneficial only for soil, it is also important for the climate. Biochar acts as a carbon sink and binds carbon in the soil, thereby acting as a counterbalance to greenhouse emissions. Plants (vegetables, fruit, herbs) growing in the soil enriched by activated biochar are very healthy, pest-resistant and highly nutrient-rich (vitamins, nutrients, fibres), thereby improving the health of people.

Polnilec Arc OTG
AuthorsNejc Oder

ID 3411 / Arc OTG charger

Arc OTG charger is a portable auxiliary power source for the mobile phone in the form of a small panel, at the same time being also a USB key with a memory of choice. It uses a small lithium battery to charge the mobile phone via a micro USB input. Arc is useful in cases when the phone is emptied and subsequently turned off, which can cause troubles, particularly if we are in the middle of work. The soluction is to connect Arc to the phone and to give it 33 % to 50 % of battery power, which allows for a couple of hours of additional operation. The green LED serves as an indicator of the state of the battery of Arc. When the light goes out, the battery is low and Arc must be recharged via the micro USB adapter or via the classic USB cable.
Due to its small size and a small hole Arc can be hooked on the keychain so as to be always available to the user when most needed.

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