11th Slovenian Innovation Forum

The event will present 40 innovations that have been included in the list of candidates for national awards. We provide free entry for all of the participants.

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  • Innovation is the motor of progress in each of us as individuals, in companies, in the country and in our society. If the wheel of constant change stops turning, we stand still. Every small child racing on his or her bike, knows that. Tone Stanovnik, Spica International
  • It is very important that we recognize and support those innovations, which have a positive impact on society. Slovenia has a special privilege in its smallness, we can potentially implement change very quickly. Luka Stepan, Gigodesign
  • When you breathe life in plastics, you live the vision of innovations for the future. We live these innovations. Tanja Skaza, Plastika Skaza
  • I see innovations as one of the possible models for future industry breakthroughs, but it needs to be fully upgraded. Innovations can be a key asset, if the users as well as industry come to understand their value. We need to understand that there is no progress without innovations. Matej Fegus, Donar
  • A successful company must encourage innovative thinking among the employees in all fields not just in the traditionally technical. But naturally innovations cannot be delivered on command, we need to foster an environment which supports such thinking. An environment based on respect, a sense of belonging and room for mistakes. This way common goals become more accessible, regardless of how ambitious and daring they are. Andrej Božič, Steklarna Hrastnik
  • As winners of the special award for the most innovative business model at the 8th Slovenian Innovation Forum, we entered into a group of highly innovative enterprises in Slovenia. With this award GoOpti was presented to the wider public, thus we increased the visibility of GoOpti brand and its services. We got the confirmation that we are on the right track, and the motvation for further growth and improvement of GoOpti products. Slovenian Innovation Forum opens up new opportunities for networking, contacts with experts in different fields and thus new knowledge about modern technologies. Lectures and round tables bring useful tips for spreading, growth and business promotion. We recommend the participation on the Slovenian Innovation Forum to all young entrepreneurs, especially those who are in need of fresh ideas for start up or upgrade their products and services. Sašo Sušnik, director of GoOpti Podpora d.o.o.
  • Innovations are the blood of our economy; Innovation system is the blood stream of society; Ideas are the Oxygen; Managing innovation is the beating of a heart. Let if Flow! Slovenian Entrepreneurship Fund
  • My experience with the Slovenian Innovation Forum is more than excellent. On the 9th Slovenian Innovation Forum we got the award, which highlighted our research achievements to the wider professional and general public. Based on this achievement we started to cooperate with the company Silvaproduct and made a new product, which is marketed under the commercial name Silvacera. Prof. Miha Humar, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana